About us

The Best Connection Group

Maintaining an optimal balance between workload patterns and people in order to fulfil clients’ needs is what we do.  And we are brilliant at it.  Tackling the dynamic ebb and flow of demand requires an agile partner with the capability to serve local or national needs quickly and professionally.  This is why The Best Connection has grown to become a leader in delivering flexible workforce solutions to the UK’s industrial, construction, driving, retail and warehouse & distribution sectors.  What’s more, with a network of 85 branches throughout the country, we are able to leverage our local knowledge and reputation to find the most suitable candidates for short or long-term assignments.

  • Commenced trading April 1991
  • Accredited with ISO 9001
  • Consistently ranked Top 5 Industrial & Driving employment business (Recruitment International Survey)
  • The largest Industrial and Driving employment business in the Midlands and the second largest in the UK
  • Network of 85 branches

Looking for the best applicants?

We do whatever it takes to serve our clients to the highest possible level and with over 30 years' experience under our belt, you can be assured we are experts in the markets we serve.  You don’t have to believe what we say of course – but you may like to ask some of the businesses we support on a daily basis why they are in safe hands.

Looking for the best jobs?

Our aim is to find the best job fit for you and your prospective employer.  We achieve this every day for thousands of people up and down the UK by painstakingly matching individual requirements to opportunities. If you are happy – so are we!

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