Vera is quiet, understated and the future of bulk logistics

A quiet revolution has begun.  Talk around the real application of autonomous vehicles in a commercial context has been, up to this point, mostly exploratory.  Nevertheless, the tide of change towards a more efficient and greener logistics model is now... - Read more


EU Speed limiters to improve safety – but at what cost?

2022 will see the introduction of mandatory speed limiters in all new cars.  This EU initiative, which will be adopted by the UK irrespective of the Brexit outcome, will, according to research, reduce traffic accidents by 30% which equates to... - Read more


Birmingham clean air zone gets closer

Birmingham, along with Leeds, Nottingham, Derby and Southampton have to clean-up their act or be fined!  By 2020, air quality in these cities must be improved.  Vehicles travelling into Birmingham will be charged according to their exhaust emissions which will... - Read more


Slow can be a fast way to an accident

Prince Phillip’s little motoring mishap has thrown light on the risk some elderly drivers can pose on our busy roads.  Whilst his actions thankfully resulted in no major harm done, the fact remains that reaching our senior years, whether we... - Read more


Will a no-deal Brexit cripple our logistics industry?

If Ireland’s backstop agreement conundrum isn’t approved, a no deal Brexit is a distinct possibility.  With a defiant EU unwilling to entertain further negotiations, the UK may be faced with a stark ultimatum that few openly support.  For the UK’s... - Read more


Tailgating – too close for comfort!

Tailgating.   Most of us have encountered this awful phenomenon at some point in our driving history.  That uncomfortable feeling you experience when someone, who you have no knowledge of or connection to, is spotted in your rear-view mirror only feet... - Read more


Robot Lorries – should drivers be worried?

In previous blogs we have touched upon the topic of robotic commercial vehicles and the impending changes that may be afoot.  With the pace of growth in both technology and the transport sector, along with a thirst for greater efficiencies,... - Read more


Transport post Brexit – should we worry?

Rules and regulations that govern the minutiae of business movement abound the EU’s member states.  This web of do’s and don’ts facilitates the movement of goods by water, air and road, with operating licenses issued centrally.  With the advent of... - Read more


HGV drivers beware!

You may have read about the recent attacks on lorry drivers to steal their cargo using a knock-out gas.  As if inadvertent people trafficking from Calais to Dover wasn’t bad enough, there are now even scarier challenges to consider for... - Read more


Are Apprenticeships Cool?

For many young guns forging a path in life, Uni, as it is affectionately known, is the obvious, perhaps natural route to academia and hopefully a profession or at least a job at the end of all that blood, sweat... - Read more

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