People come to The Best Connection because we are trusted specialists in what we do.  After 30 years’ operation and expansion, we are now the UK’s leading supplier of staff to the industrial, driving, retail and warehouse & distribution markets. Let’s take a look at some more good reasons why you are in safe hands:

  • We offer a wide variety and choice of work placements open to you. This includes the days and times you prefer and the length of contract you are happy with
  • You can experience many roles and activities before committing to a full-time job that you know you’ll like
  • Then there are the skills you’ll develop along the way and the references you can gain to help your career in the future
  • And if you are keen on working in a new location, we have 85 branches that you can choose from - nothing’s too much trouble

Now let’s consider who will be supporting you. As well as the highly trained consultants that gain a thorough understanding of your needs, you have a quality company, ISO 9001 certificated, that pays top rates – often with bonuses – with overtime at premium rates and paid holidays. And that’s straight into your bank account each week giving you complete peace of mind.