Heathrow expansion – where do you sit?

Date: 12th Monday, June, 2017

If you languish in the London suburbs along the Heathrow flight paths, your stomach may lurch at the very thought of a third runway being built.  In the provinces, the argument may seem very convincing; however, with half of London’s MP’s dead against the project, one thing is for sure, many will lose out regardless of the decision.  Where do you sit in the debate?

As with many contentious topics the pros and cons are equally strong and diametrically opposed.  Large infrastructure projects are controversial by their very nature as they impact many people and the environment both positively and negatively.  From an employment perspective, according to the Heathrow camp, the number of new positions that could be created is impressive and compelling and if UK economy is to grow and prosper - we need jobs – and lots of them!

Claims of up to 180,000 jobs being created across the UK by 2050 with over 100,000 of those outside of London and the South East would be welcomed.  Certain sectors will benefit more – particularly manufacturing which would account for around 94,000 jobs.  In addition, Heathrow claims that the challenge of youth unemployment could also be addressed with 40,000 more local jobs and an increase in apprenticeships to around 10,000 people.  What’s not to like about the stats?  On the flip side, there could be as many as 900 homes demolished and tens of thousands of people affected by the flight paths – let alone the potential environmental impact.  It’s a tough call.

In February, plans were published by the Government which kick-started a four-month consultation process.  Following this, and no doubt many more public debates to come, the final parliamentary vote is likely to be taken in around a years’ time.  With Brexit negotiations half-way through their statutory two-year period, it will be interesting to see the impact of the ensuing UK breakaway on the final decision.  Time will tell.

From a business perspective, The Best Connection supplies staff to many companies associated with Heathrow including freight forwarders and catering businesses so the construction of a third runway would inevitably present new opportunities which we would welcome.  UK unemployment is at its lowest since 1975 and an important percentage of this is attributed to temporary workers that undertake an essential role in keeping the wheels of business turning.  If Heathrow gets its plans through it will impact many of our customers who rely on temporary staff to scale-up to meet demand and we look forward to supporting them regardless of the outcome.

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